Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scuba diving

My last dive was like what, a couple of months ago I think. So obviously I was super2 excited about the living on board trip that I went for recently. And boy, how awesome the trip was!

I was out stationed for almost a week, as a couple of days before the LOB thingy we had fieldwork at pulau Tinggi. The fieldwork itself was cool even with only a couple of dives, imagine LOB, diving all day long!

Fieldwork took 2 days, and it was a practical thing we had to apply from classes back in UKM, regarding the Survey Methods subject. We learned how to place transects on Sea grass and coral reef areas, and learned how to assess them. With the coral reefs, it was pretty easy. Even though my buoyancy (this is crucial to be known) sucked ass, I could still manage to hover above the corals without breaking them. But seagrasses, damn.. They're pretty hard. I couldn't stay properly buoyant, not even for a few seconds. And it's hard if you keep falling to the ground because the floor of the area consists of super fine substrate particles that would cloud the waters if you had them suspended with your awkward movements (this happens when you try too hard to stay buoyant, as buoyancy should come as natural as possible). And when the water gets cloudy, no work can be done until it settles down again. And mind you, that would take quite sometime. Beginner divers like us can only spend like what, an hour underwater, tops. We needed to take about 10 clear photos, and if each photo was distrupted by 10mins of cloudiness, I don't think there would be enough time for things to be done. And that would suck , because we get assessed by our ability to do stuff underwater.
Diving while LOB on the other hand, was of no pressure. It was all leisure, and the fact that we weren't being seriously watched made me control my buoyancy much much better. Lol looks like I am not as tough as I think I am, since I suck being under pressure! Oh I forgot to mention, in pulau Tinggi, I thought the water is as clear as it gets, but man was I wrong.. Around the Tioman Island, it is ten times better! Imagine, being able to see the sea bed 40m below from the surface! Initially looking down from the boat I thought that it is shallow, but then our instructor told us how deep it actually is and I went like, fuyooh ! Hahaha. Jakun kan, lama lakk tak dive.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Good and the Bad


1. DH and SIL got awsome results, SIL on dean's list :D
2. I am on my semester break
3. Buying PS4 next month
4. UKM participating in SUKIPT squash, to be held in UM on the 11th of Feb..cant wait to play!
5. I am pretty confident i would have 4 A's at most, 3 at least.
6. Last Of Us is a fucking awsome game! i swear to it!


1. My results arent out yet, and i am fucking worried about my microbiology paper. 4 units wei.. i would        totally be fucked if i get a C or lower for that subject.. sigh

2. I feel like semester break is too long, and i am feeling super restless especially when DH and SIL's results  are out, but not mine(my exams took a longer period of time to finish than theirs)

3. I accidently destroyed my phone(or maybe on purpose, i dont know), and i am looking forward to be getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 3,  though i dont see that happening in the near future as i am much more determined to be buying the PS4, and my current phone sucks. i cant portable-stalk anyone anymore.. my phone has no internet..wuuuuu

4. i am staying home, sleeping endlessly when i should actually be training for the upcoming tournament. and for that i have been awarded with 3inches of belly fat.. well done sarah!

5. I havent been cycling my bike for almost a month now, and i am afraid that the cranksets would rust if i take no action to it, but DH just wont let me cycle around the city. ahhhhh..

6. I cannot do snatches just yet. I think i need to develop more of my core...

7. Theres gonna be statistics again next semester, dammit. As much as i think maths can be pretty easy, stats is just not my thing...i wouldve failed my first year paper if it wasnt for the lecturer being sooo nice, giving us free marks for everything we do in class.

8. I drink too much coffee these days

9. my sleep schedule is out of the norm, and its so hard to fix! dammit!

10. I am very lazy to blog.. last post was in august, 2013?! mann thats ancient.

11. More bads than goods proves that i am a negative person. damn the truth sucks.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

keracunan makanan

kelmarin g makan kueytiaw kerang kat plaza damas, balik makan tu takde bende pun, esok malamnye baru terasa dikala aku sedang asyik bermain squash dgn mamat2 pakistan kat rumah... rugi weh. ikutkan ati nak je aku biar terberak kat dlm court tu, sbb tak puas g main. tapi takpe la.. dorg mmg slalu main pun so aku pun naik la rumah since dah di hujung lubang je rase2 taik tu.

aku ingat sakit perut biasa, sbb laki aku dah kene sakit perut earlier tht day and tak bebaik lagi. upenyee samaaa mcm laki aku gak.... tapi Ku baru nak kene. rasa tak sedap terus.. muntah bagai, kuar masuk toilet berganti dgn lakiku, patu dedua baring tak larat sbb the fever was starting to catch up. nak tido tK selesa, nak bangun x selesa, duk kemut2 gitu je la.. ada skali tu boleh la tido dgn harapan bangun nyakit tu hilang la kan, hampehh.. boleh plak nak terkentut time tido, seb bek cam sedar gak, berlarii aku g jamban, takut tK sempat nak kemut habis meleleh atas katil. pehhh if that ever happens mmg aku buang tilam tu. yuck!

then DH suggested that i drink some lemon juice, which he did earlier cz he said it made him feel better. i did just that and forced myself to sleep, and when i woke up, Alhamdulillah aku dah sehat! hahaha. aku pun tak tau kenapa laaa nak kene cerita bende yang tak bermotip ni kan, tapi kemungkinan besar aku rSa sbb aku bosan.. been gaming on the nintendo, trying to finish all the marios i have so that i could continue with monster hunter and prolly pester DH to get me a new game or maybe a wii u?! hahaha.. wii u la sgt. angan2 jela.

oh my first semester results din go so well, only got a 2.92. DH and SIL on the other hand both 3.5 on average. jauh k beza.. sampai dianggap 2.92 tu rendah gila?! hahaha. kalau 2.92 time kat usm ni dah kira champion dah. but yea i know im supposed to do better, sbb bagi aku the subjects im taking here in ukm mmg senang gila.. bukan cam engineering, nak baca buku rujukan pun tak paham. tapi still time peksa ritu ada yang aku mmg konfiden boleh a tapi tak a pun. cemana tuh.

kalau laa coursework 60 final 40...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

beskal lipat gua

menyenangkan hidup aku!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Kenapa ni.. study byk sgt ke sampai 2 lapis eyebag tu? wakakakakaka.
So i just recently got back from MASUM, which was held in melaka. in my previous post i made a statement that i dont really care much for squash anymore. well, i guess id take it back... damn son, if i knew that all it takes for me to get that squash spirit back is to just get into a single tournament, i wouldnt have so easily stated that squash is just 'the other activity'. having met all the familiar faces made me feel like everything is back to normal again. just like old times :D

and i met my former squash mentor/coach/senior whatever he is, the guy that played the most important role in my squash life, Nik, and i have to say, he looks better than before.. maybe cz he has his own family now. that and his profession proly requires him to be well groomed. having a family gives that innershine-glow ke apa tah, haha but yea, thats how id say he looks like now. good for him for finally having someone to manage him(two thumbs up) kalau tak dulu, muka dah habis muka perogol da. hahahaha.

walaupun aku tgh semangat nak main squash balik, i still have my priorities. i have my religion, then my husband, then my studies.. i have to make sure that all these things comes first, im pretty sure it can be done, as i have been doing so for the past two years kan.

so cite dia kalau ada, ada la.. kalau takde, tak kesa la kan. tapi one thing is for sure now, squash will always be in me lolololol

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Membazir masa..

No vid this time.. Typing to pass the time.

I cant be recording much anymore since my phone's battery has gone loco, dies on me anytime it feels like it.

This morning, i sat opposite to a weird guy in the train, and i hated that he glanced at me more than twice.. This is one of the things that i hate with being on the train. Sometimes you come across perverts like those.. Bukan aku perasan cantik k nak ada org usha2 aku, aku cuma perasan dia sorang je yg buat camtu. So pervert ke tak?

Aku dah adapt dgn ukm. Bagi aku pusing ukm jalan kaki ialah perkara biasaa jerrr, tido merata punn perkara biasaa bila mata dahh rasa nak tecabut sgt, bawak bag berat gila sambil buat both punnn biasa jerr. And im liking it cz finally, finally finally, kaki aku dgr ckp aku untuk jadi kecik.. Hahaha. Tapi geng, jgn ingat dgn berjalan bawak bag berat berpuluh2 batu tu je bole kecikkan kaki, diet plays an important role too ok. Most of the time i would prepare my own meals of chicken and veggies, and if i dont have the time to do so( bangun lewat, balik lewat tido awal then bangun lewat sebab letih balik lewat hhahahha) i would eat plain chicken shawarma kebabs. Yes, makanan yang bosan, but not so bosan when youre hungry.

I have squash training on monday wednesday and friday nights, endurance training on friday and saturday morning. But aku xpenah pegi endurance dgn friday night training. Believe it or not, aku dah macam tawar hati sket dgn squash ni hahahaha. I still love the game but not as crazy as before. Kalau dulu ada training mcm ni, class xyah pegi. Aku berkampung je kat court tu. Skarang mcm x rasa nak skip classes for squash.. Weekends pun aku xpegi sbb rasa macam weekends tu masa untuk aku lepak kat rumah/ spend time with the family since hehari dah g ukm turun naik train pepagi buta, tetengah malam kan. Kalau aku pegi squash pun bukan bole jadi cam nicol david. Dulu aku nak sgt jadi macam dia tapi hakikatnye, lain dooo aku dgn dia. Dia mmg talented gifted whatever.. Aku ni cuma la manusia yang suka gila main squash and ada limit to my skills in the sport.

Kalau aku sedar bende ni dulu, maybe result aku xde la teruk sangat?! Wakakakakakakka.

I am very excited on studying my current course.. Cant wait for the diving part actually lol. Im thinking of upgrading my licence to advanced open water by this year, since im gona be using it anyways..

Oh and im excited about one more thing jugak, the water quality in my fish tank has greatly improved, nitrate levels have dropped from 80ppm to below 5ppm.. Were gona be able to put in sps's soon! Yayyyy. Tak sabar k nak bazir duit kat sps plak.. Sps's are far more prettier than softcorals(ada jugak softcoral yang cantik) cz warna2 dia tu pergh.. Meleleh siut tgk. Tapi kalu masuk tank aku xde la menyerlah sgt kot sbb aku bela softcoral jugak and the nutrient requirements differ for both. Tapi xpe.. Tgk la nnt camne.

Aku nak kene beli powerbank sutir laa.. Lelama menaip cam letih la pulak??

Thursday, February 28, 2013

UKM and random stuff

seminggu sekali je ker wehh? haha. video ni malas2 sket k.. 3 hari punya footage ciput2.. sbb i spend most of my time kat ukm tido lolol.